Israel Mbonyi

Bridging the hymns of heaven, to hearts on Earth

In life, we often ask three big questions.


Who am I?

Who are you? Often when people ask you who you are, you might start with giving your name. But deep down, you know that your identity is more than that. It's 

involves asking who you are, and who you are not.

And those answers don't come easy. 


Why am I here?

What am I placed on this Earth to do? What is my unique gift to this world?

We may often go through life searching through the meaning to our existence, and end up finding few answers.


Where am I going?

You and I know that at the end of the day, we will die. But when we die, where do we go? Pandemics have shown us the uncertainty of life, and how fleeting life can be. Without any assurance of our final destination, we may end up searching, and never finding anything.

I'm Israel Mbonyi.

Singer, songwriter

I sing to preach and teach the gospel of Christ,
and to transform nations through music and melodies filled with God’s glory

We end up searching desperately for answers

One night, as I was dreaming, a man asked, 

"Isn't your name Mbonyicyambu?"

I replied, 'Yes it is.'

The man said to me, 'God is going to make you a bridge to many in this world.'

This isn't just about the music. 
Or fame or fortune.

It's about you. 

Discover god through music

what people say

Music Reviews

Mbonyi is by far the best gospel singer in Rwanda. The anointing he has is unexplainable.❤️❤️


If you believe there is life in Jesus raise your hands ❤❤❤
Abizera ko muri Yesu Christo harubuzima ,Turibangahe ?


The anointing in this song🥰God bless you Israel. May He continue to use you.The back ups and instrumentals on point


Special love from this side of Malawi, Your Songs are so great, keep touching many souls and may you and your entire team remain blessed forever


Bringing the hymns of God, to the heart of man
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Customers served! + 50 k Downloads
Israel touches the hearts of man, with the hymns of God. You won't want to miss this. I cried after listening.
- John, Founder of Live Young and Well, Media Lede, and YummyPrepped

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